The ZUQ Funeral Team:


Haji Mohammed Khalil - Senior Funeral Director


Haji Khalil is the founding member of the Funeral

Service which was established in 2007 and has
been serving the Birmingham Muslim community for

over 30 years.

He is one of the founding members of the
Zia Ul Quran Masjid and has a wealth of knowledge
and experience.


Haji Khalil prides himself in serving the

Muslim community either as part of the Zia Ul

Quran Masjid or Funeral Service to ensure the

best service is always provided.


May Allah (SWT) reward Haji Khalil and all the founding

members for their efforts and sacrafice in establishing

this wonderful facility.

Haji Raja Gul Nawaz - Senior Funeral Director

Haji Raja Gul Nawaz joined Haji Khalil shortly after

the Funeral Service was set up and

has been an intergral part of the Funeral Service

ever since. He is one of the founding members of the

Zia Ul Quran Masjid. May Allah (SWT) reward Haji Gul

Nawaz and all the founding members for their efforts

and sacrafice in establish our wonderful facility. Haji

Gulnawaz sadly passed away in April 2015. May

Allah (swt) bless him and grant him Jannah. He will

forever be remembered as an integral part of the Zia Ul Quran

Masjid & funeral service. 

Imran Khalil - Funeral Director

Imran has a background in IT and has over 12 years in the
Project & Bid Management Industry.  Imran has used his spare time

working as part of the Funeral Service on a voluntary basis since the beginning (2007).

Imran is now working with the Funeral Service full time.

Saeed Iqbal / Funeral Caretaker (brothers)- Driver

Saeed has been woking as our funeral driver since

2009. He is on hand to pick up and transport
the deceased any time of the day or night. Saeed also

helps with logistics of the funeral helping with

Ghusl/washing and provding the family with

access to coffins/kafan/washing supplies.

Sister / Funeral Caretaker (sisters) / Cleaner

We have a sister available to ensure that the Ghusl area is
always clean, hygenic and stocked up with provisions.

the sister is always on hand to ensure that the

funeral area is open and closed as per the family


Ghusl Helpers (Brothers & Sister)

We have a brother & sister available to guide the family throughout the Ghusl process. 

Additional Help 

We have a number of resources available should they be required. These resources include, drivers, admin staff, caretakers. We will organise additional help if and when required.


Our dedicated staff and qualified volunteers are on hand to provide a full and comprehensive service. Our aim is to provide a Shariah compliant service and being sympathetic to the family's wishes.


Our aim is to help the Muslim community in Birmingham with the funeral arrangements for their loved ones by organising local burials as well as repatriations abroad.

We can be contacted by telephone 24 hours a day 7 days a week and are able to assist with burials, headstones, documentation at the time of a death.


Emergency Contact Numbers.

0777 2395 416 - M.Khalil

0754 025 0991 - I Khalil.