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About Us

Details to follow....



  • Full Catering services

  • Sitting Halls (Separate for men & women)

  • Car parking facilities

  • Round the clock 24 Hour-Reliable service

  • Washing & Storage Facilities

  • ‘Khatams’ & ‘Kuls’ facilities (No charge made for this, however donations to the masjid are welcome)

  • Round the clock 24 Hour-Service

  • Ambulances and Hearses facilities available for transportation.

Our funeral services will include all below:

  • Taking body from home or hospital to funeral parlour

  • Use of our modern purpose built Ghusl facility

  • Provision of the Kaffan, Coffin and other neccessary items

  • Taking care of all mandatory administration and paperwork

  • Providing advice and guidance throughout the day.




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